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At Magic Find, we build massive communities for the biggest games on the planet. As gamers ourselves, we deliver the content and tools players want.

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From forums to databases, guides and breaking news, our brands are household names among core gamers.


The leading destination for World of Warcraft News, Guides, and Community for over 12 years! Millions of players rely on MMO-Champion to keep up-to-date on all things WoW.


The central web resource for Hearthstone News, Decks, Community, and more! Custom deck building tools, the latest news & info, and the Innkeeper app, make HearthPwn the premiere Hearthstone hub.

minecraft forum

The original Official Forum for Minecraft! Millions of players come to the forums each month to interact with the community, share creations, see the latest news, and so much more!


Providing a custom Warframe Build Simulator, full Item Database, and top Builds + Guides - Overframe helps players keep up to date, share their favorite builds, and learn from the best!

MTGĀ Salvation

MTG: Salvation has been a leading source of Magic: The Gathering Spoilers, News, and Community for 15 years! Bringing the latest reveals, card database, deckbuilder, and more.


DiabloFans is the central Diablo destination for the latest News, Build Tools, Guides, and Community; everything fans need to stay on top of their game!

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Magic Find properties serve millions of the most dedicated gamers in the world, with a diverse site portfolio representing many age groups and interests.

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